GPS Tracking And Vehicle Information System

You just wouldn't believe this system and its capabilities.  Control your vehicle.  Monitor teens or elderly drivers.  Keep your fleet in line and profitable.  Unlock your doors.  Get vehicle health reports.  
Three Year / 36,000 Mile Warranty.

Imagine being able to connect and communicate with your vehicle every day.  Knowing how fast or aggressively your teenager is driving.  Whether your daughter is using her cell phone in the vehicle, and being able to restrict it.  What if grandpa's car could alert you whenever he drives outside of a specific zone.  

Imagine knowing precisely what needs repairing when the "Service Engine" light comes on.  Think about the money you will save being able to verify what your mechanic says.  

All of this and more, is now possible.  Its Car Connection!



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Utilizes the OBD port for vehicle's computer info.

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